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Takeaways from the Kraken’s first preseason loss against Calgary

A rough night for the Kraken gives us far more to talk about than normal.

NHL: OCT 03 Kraken at Flames Photo by Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well! That sucked! Time to talk about it!

But first, what could charitably be referred to as “Highlights”:

The Takeaways:

  • Man, when the Flames are mostly together, they’re a tough bunch to crack. They plan to repeat their 1st in the Pacific performance of last year and last night showed you exactly why that could be in the cards for them. It also showed that for all their improvement, the Kraken still have quite a bit of work ahead of them, and that Flames games are looking to be the big test throughout the season.
  • Really, a bigger issue for the Kraken tonight was the lack of finish. They had chances. They had great chances. They had five power plays. André Burakovsky should’ve easily had at least two had he been quicker on the draw. Only Matty Beniers could get through Markstrom tonight and that’s a credit to him still being a damn good goaltender, but also a point of emphasis going into the Edmonton game; the Kraken power play has to be able to help them get back into games if they’re getting stymied at even strength. They had their chances. They need to cash in on more than one.
  • Also faceoff wins became a bit of a problem early on: the Kraken won less than 35% of them against a Calgary team that more or less muscled them off the puck at every opportunity. Gonna need some good work on that during practice over the next couple of days; if you start with possession lost in games like this it’s gonna be hell trying to get it back.
  • While Martin Jones definitely didn’t have an ideal game, it’s hard to fault him for how the game went. A couple of goals were screens, and one was a bounce so perfect I’m not sure you could replicate it no matter how hard you tried. Still, gonna need more than an .840 SV% to win in the NHL.
  • Hard to say where the talent that’s still trying to make a name for themselves fit tonight. There’s very few spots left and in games like this, it’s hard to say anyone other than Matty B stood out. Wright still looks like a really good player that could become even better with time, the defense is what it is for the most part (I think Borgen should stay but that’s just me)[Editor’s note: there are DOZENS of us]...It’s really a matter of personal preference now. Edmonton will be the last shot. Let’s see what they have.
  • Keep calm and Post Zoidberg when we win.

The final preseason game of the 2022-23 season is against Edmonton, against what will almost assuredly be a team arguably just as tough to play against. That game drops the puck on Friday at 6pm PT on KONG and NHL Network.

After that, a few days wait...and the Kraken go into live fire in Anaheim at the Honda Center.

Time to show what a bounce-back looks like, boys.