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Preview: Kraken visit Calgary for preseason game 5

The penultimate preseason game takes place in Canadian cow town

NHL: Seattle Kraken at Calgary Flames Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

The Need to Knows:

  • The Time: 6pm PT
  • The Place: Saddledome, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Place to Watch: KONG, Calgary apparently doesn’t get a TV broadcast in-market, and will instead stream it on their website
  • Place to Listen: KJR 93.3, SportsNet Fan 360

Know Your Enemy:

Since their last meeting, Calgary has of course cut a good portion of it’s training camp roster and are now trying to pare it’s last few names.

Of course, they may just be trying to keep the number of potential targets of the deteriorating Saddledome down. Still structurally sound, though!


Following a series of players being placed on waivers or sent to Coachella straight away, the Kraken will be facing the Flames with a mostly complete roster, with a few hangers on still to come.

The Kraken are, as of yet, completely undefeated in preseason, coming off of an utter demolishing of the Canucks, but with the Flames expected to be bringing their full compliment of roster players, including Huberdeau and Weegar, they’re gonna be bringing an even bigger fight than the Kraken have seen so far as a team “““guaranteed””” (this is the Pacific Division, the only guarantee is the absolutely exhausting ride) to make the playoffs in convincing fashion, and will be by far the biggest test they can get unless McDavid shows up to the final preseason game.

Will the Flames finally be too much to overcome? Or will the Deep extinguish this Calgarian menace? Tune in to find out!