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Takeaways from the Kraken’s 4-0 Preseason Beatdown of Vancouver!

Preseason rolls on with the Kraken being undefeated as per usual. That’s a real thing I just typed about a true thing.

NHL: Preseason-Vancouver Canucks at Seattle Kraken Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

So the Kraken just refuse to actively lose these days. Which is awesome. Anyway, let’s discuss the game

But first, the Highlights!


  • Adam Larsson was the ice-master for the evening, playing roughly 23 minutes, with 20 of which being at evens.
  • With a mostly full roster you’d kind of expect this to be a domination was! A bell-to-bell-to-bell butt kicking up and down the ice for most of the game. Even the parts of the game the Canucks tried to catch up on they got absolutely spanked. Shot share, score, possession, they kept Vancouver chasing this game for a full 60 minutes, as a mostly complete roster should.
  • Of course, it helps that for a good portion of the game the Canucks were trying in vain to either defend or get their pound of flesh back from the other night. It didn’t work, but it’s clear they’re not taking the Kraken lightly.
  • Another weird night for special teams it seems; they’re getting plenty of opportunities to try and score, but the man-advantage goals they so desperately desire are eluding them. Oh well, PK’s still kicking butt, even if they decided they didn’t wanna score on it tonight. They’ll get a chance against Calgary, I’m sure.
  • Dearest Grubert, Philipp Grubauer, has seen largely a bunch of AHL and some NHL talent as the preseason has gone on. But he’s also been extremely good to start things off, and it’s an encouraging sign coming into this full 60 minute shutout effort, where he made some excellent saves.
  • Matty Beniers once again, absolute sniper. The faithful aren’t worthy, but they’re so happy to receive the bounty of his goalscoring prowess.
  • Yanni Gourde and his line also had a nice night, though any night you’re potting an empty netter is a good one; they were pretty much in control of every shift they played tonight, per the Kraken Gamebot on twitter dot gov, though McCann was definitely...making himself felt.
  • In general this preseason’s optimism is exactly the thing the organization needed, and the work they’ve done in such a short amount of time is something to be lauded. Sure, this only matters once the date reads 10-12-22, but it’s still clear that growth has not just occured, but seems exponential given all the ways they’ve won games so far. We’ll see if they manage to keep that up once they go on their little road trip to Alberta over this next week.
  • Keep calm and Post Zoidberg when we win.
  • Go M’s! Keep the good vibes going!

Kraken get sunday off, and then it’s off to Calgary to face the Flames. That game drops the puck at 6pm PT on KONG.