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Kraken Game 5 PREVIEW: vs. St.Louis!

The already battle hardened Kraken welcome a team that has game????

NHL: APR 06 Kraken at Blues

The Need To Knows

The Time: 7pm PT

The Place: Climate Pledge Arena in beautiful Seattle, Washington

Place to watch: ROOT Sports Northwest

Place to listen: KJR 93.3fm

Know Your Enemy

  • Because of an odd quirk, all we really have to go on here is one game, so uh...yeah.
  • Vlad Tarasenko's demise has been greatly exaggerated, already up to two points in one game.
  • Jordan Binnington has a .920 game...and so can be expected to be good. I guess. He's still a bit of a pissbaby so maybe getting him off his game is a key to victory?

Game Notes

Thanks to a bizarre quirk of the NHL schedule, the Blues had a stunning amount of time off to start the season: having played exactly one game in nearly the first week of the season. A team projected to be one of the better Western Conference sides being fresh as a daisy certainly gives one pause, but it certainly begs the question if they're getting a little too comfortable. Meanwhile?...the Kraken just want to right the ship, having been processed by the Canes on Monday night. Any good showing here is one the Kraken can build off of. After all, if you can believe it...Their start's actually one of the better ones in-division: Vancouver has turned collapsing and blowing leads into an artform, Anaheim's high powered offense has spluttered, San Jose is in hell, and even Edmonton can’t overcome goalie issues. If the Kraken can just steal a couple of games headed into November...

There's still hope for this team yet.

Will the Kraken take advantage of an over-practiced St. Louis? Or will Seattle sing the Blues?

We find out at 7 tonight!