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Kraken get brutalized in 5-1 loss to Canes.

A vintage performance for the Kraken. In all the worst ways.

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Seattle Kraken Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

If you can stomach it, the Highlights:

Game Notes:

  • The hope of the Kraken being able to be at least competitive with one of the league’s elite teams I suppose was too much tonight: Carolina kicked them up and down the rink, especially in the 2nd period, where they basically ran roughshod over the entire defense of the Kraken, which only got worse in the third period. This had a lot of the hallmarks of opening season Kraken behavior; get one good thing, and about five bad things happened in tandem to sour the mood. That cannot be this team’s identity. It simply cannot.
  • Hey, credit to Burakovsky managing to get on the board on the power play. If there’s one thing we can take from this nonsense, it’s that the power play is actually a working part of the Kraken this year...sort of.
  • Regretfully, Matty Beniers point streak ends in a dull thud where pretty much everybody can agree it deserved to. It’s a shame it had to end, though.
  • We will get to Shane Wright’s TOI in a separate article. For maximum effect, please read this as if you’re grinding your molars into powder because this is an issue that does not need to be an issue, David.
  • Gonna have to lick your wounds and get ready, because the rest of the week could feature some very rough games: Blues and Avs all in the same week.
  • Keep calm and post Zoidberg if when we win.

The Kraken will play again on Wednesday, as St. Louis comes to town to end the homestand. That game will start at 7pm PT.