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Kraken Game 42 GAMETHREAD: vs. Nashville!

The home stretch before the All Star Break begins!

Seattle Kraken v Nashville Predators Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images

It’s so nice to have at least one good home game before an eastern road trip. Hope you’re ready to huddle around your phone for those New York games, and I definitely hope you’ve been enjoying the nice clear(ish) day!

Nashville has gone from team rebuilding to uh...good. I do not know how they did that. They managed to take whatever demons were in Matt Duchene and shake them out, and get Filip Forsberg scoring again. This team was close to where Seattle is right now last year. That’s crazy.

Anyway, the Preds are coming off of some breezy wins by three goals; one from Winnipeg and also one from Detroit, and a little bit of time off before they managed to show up here in Seattle. It’s up to the Kraken to catch these Preds while they’re still groggy. It’d also behoove them to cash in on the ample opportunities the Predators give out on the power play; while a good team, they’re wildly inconsistent with on-ice discipline; having received the most amount of any team in the league, with an average of almost 5 penalties per game.

Question of the thread!: What is your favorite kind of food at a BBQ?