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Kraken Game 40 GAMETHREAD: vs. St.Louis! (Again!)

The Kraken’s near halfway point is nigh, but until then they face the Blues at home

Seattle Kraken v St Louis Blues Photo by Scott Rovak/NHLI via Getty Images

Oh man I got them “it’s the halfway point of the season and there’s only two more games left in Seattle before the Kraken go off to war” Blues. Who among us can’t relate to such a universal feeling?

Anyway, the Blues are good. Not really any particular flavor, just quality hockey from the middle of the country with a buncha Russians, some Americans, and one massive headcase of a goalie for flavor. If the Kraken wanna get that vaunted win #3, I think, before any one thing, they need to get inside Jordan Binnington’s head, because it is a very angry place full of bees and wasp nests and ugly monster men that make him act a damn fool whenever he’s properly set off.

And as a result of all that, I would highly recommend another period of high chaos early on from our dear sweet Kraken.

Question of the thread!: You ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?