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Kraken Game 38 Gamethread: vs. Chicago! (Matinee!)

An afternoon against the Blackhawks, what a concept

Chicago Blackhawks v Seattle Kraken Photo by Christopher Mast/NHLI via Getty Images

Once again, I feel like I must reiterate my personal stance on the Blackhawks is uh.

Well, maybe this quick section of a clip can best describe it.

Anyway if there was a game that the Kraken could finally break this godforsaken losing streak and take any particular frustrations they’ve built up over the last few games should start here on every one of these useless dregs. Because otherwise they’re quickly running out of games that they could use to keep this from getting historic in all the wrong ways.

Go Squids. PLEASE win this.

Question of the Thread: You’ve been locked in a deli for a long weekend. What sandwich do you make with the ingredients available to you?