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Kraken Game 32 GAMETHREAD: vs. Vancouver! (again)

This might be the brewing of more Northwestern Hate, but tonight we can enjoy some warm fuzzies for the New Year. Just this once.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Seattle Kraken Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Ah yes, the Canucks. Normally I’d talk about how the Pacific Northwest’s NHL equivalent of a Silver Medal is doing coming out of the break, but today I wanna talk about just some real nice things that we’ll be sharing today.

For one thing, Slapshot’s Organist, yes, that Slapshot, will be given a job for the year as Kraken organist, his first real organist job ever. That’s crazy.

Second, a more heartfelt tale: Brian Hamilton, the Canucks Equipment Manager, had something to ask for a Kraken fandom; find the person who possibly saved him from a long battle with melanoma, who began looking for the person who by all accounts, might’ve just saved his life on October 23rd:

Apparently, the Kraken found the young lady in question, and hopefully she will be in attendance to properly get her due in making sure a man’s life extends into the new year and beyond!

Happy New Year, AND GO KRAKEN!

Question of the Thread: Did you watch the Winter Classic this year?