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The Kraken hire Rod Masters, Organist from Slap Shot, to play at home games

Only the Kraken could pull deep cuts like this

The Kraken have a lot of funny little things about them; their record coming from every game being the single craziest event in Seattle sports that night, A bunch of defensemen capable of walking in and scoring a rocket shot, Post-win salmon throws, Brandon Tanev...lots of little fun things!

And we can add “Presence of Hockey Royalty” to the list, as the Kraken have acquired Rod Masters as an Organist for their home games, according to Geoff Keighley of The Times!

You may or may not remember Rod from many many years ago, when he was the Organist in Hockey’s greatest movie; Slap Shot, getting beaned with a puck, and also getting admonished for playing Lady of Spain.

He may not be the spitting image of the 1970’s anymore, and we have no confirmation on whether or not he’ll be wearing one of those old Cooper helmets during games, it’s still really cool to get a guy who honestly hasn’t seen much for his role in Slap Shot finally get his due. He’ll be starting on an old Roland keyboard setup before switching to a Hammond Organ at some point soon.

Welcome to The Deep, Rod! We promise not to get mad at you for playing Lady of Spain!