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Kraken Game 26 GAMETHREAD: vs. Winnipeg!

The Kraken get the chance to ground some Jets tonight!

Carolina Hurricanes v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

Oh those wacky Thrashers Jets. Whatever will we do with you?

The Jets are a team that is sneaky mean. They’re a hard-hittin’, scrappy little bunch of guys who are definitely not still one bad losing streak away from once again seeming like they’re going to collapse into infighting. Are they good, however?

Eh...they definitely have their upsides. Kyle Connor’s turned into a pretty solid player, as has Pierre Luc-Dubois after making it clear that under no uncertain terms that he is Their defense has kinda never recovered from losing Dustin Byfuglien to injury/retirement, and it shows: for all the power in that offense of theirs, they’re not exactly any better at keeping the puck out of their net, only helped by the herculean efforts of almost certain Team USA olympian Connor Hellebuyck. You know, if they decide to go back to the Olympics.

The Kraken will have to show up ready for a fight...because if there’s one thing we know about the Jets, it’s that they’re more than willing.

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