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Kraken vs. Penguins RECAP: Agonizing effort leads to agonizing results, Kraken lose 6-1

The Kraken got a good look at what the Eastern Conference’s royalty looks like...and the sentence was Goals-Against for King County.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Seattle Kraken Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

First Period:

So hey! Remember when the Kraken gave up early goals in the first five minutes?

Well we’re back to that again. cool. Jeff Carter cashed in on a bizarre sequence that put the puck over his shoulder in spite of not showing pass. 1-0 Pens.

Things didn’t improve, as Sidney Crosby fought like hell to get the puck in past Dearest Grubert on the doorstep, and ultimately cashed in. 2-0 Pens.

And just when you thought you could escape, salt rubbed particularly into my old wounds as a hockey fan saw this team give up another bizarre bouncer to Danton Heinen, a person you’d swear was made up unless you saw him in front of you...after which you’d accuse me of making him in Blender. 3-0 Pens.

The period ended, and the Kraken had to deal with the fact they were down three goals in a fashion they are all too familiar with.

Second Period:

Things got a little better! Jordan Eberle on an absolutely fantastic passing play got the Kraken on the board! 3-1 Pens.

And then, it was like magic. An awful spiteful wizard magic, but magic, nonetheless.

The wheels fell completely off like an old rubberhouse cartoon.

The Wheels...




Kraken headed into the third down by four, and not looking much better afterwards.

Third Period:

Man, do you really need to know what happened here?

Alright, well, the only other thing that happened of note was Jake Guentzel capitalizing again on the Kraken’s lackadaisical defensive efforts, solidifying the score at 6-1, all but ensuring that the Kraken’s fate was sealed.

Kraken Lose. Pain abounds.

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader across all situations was Vince Dunn, with 25 minutes and changed logged. Your even strength TOI leader was Adam Larsson, who logged 23:33.
  • After a solid week of looking like they’d rounded a corner, the Kraken went back to a lot of what characterized their nightmare portion of games in November; sloppy with the puck, unforced errors in front of their goaltender, and allowing goals very early on that would otherwise turn what could’ve easily been a winnable game into a blowout. It’s just so frustrating to see a team look like they can battle with the best of them sometimes give up such braindead plays. Even if you think goaltending is a weakness on this team (it is), having your defense do half the work is nothing short of infuriating.
  • Of course, that was just talking about the first three goals. The next three came off of the same thing; offensive zone turnover or lost battle along the boards, Kraken struggle to get bodies up-ice to stop the 2 or 3 on less than that, and then an easy goal.
  • On the bright side for your Kraken, Jordan Eberle has come back otherwise ready to play, which is a good thing, they’re gonna need all the help they can get in the upcoming couple of weeks. When his line is clicking, there’s some good work to be seen on their part.
  • While obviously the Pens are a world-weary team with some exemplary talent, one of the biggest contributors for their success is that most of their forwards tried to contribute and on a “quiet” night for Sidney Crosby, they got goals and some really good possession numbers out of guys like Danton Heinen, Jason Zucker, and even Dominik Simon; one of their fourth liners. The Kraken didn’t. Most damningly, the guys generating most of the shots for Seattle appeared to be the defensemen. Many of these forwards need to take a good hard look at themselves at practice and wonder what they need to give to this team to make success happen for them and their brothers in arms.
  • Really, I’m most concerned now is about how the Winnipeg and Columbus games are gonna go; Columbus has been going through an up and down season this year, but Winnipeg is surging, and further more the Jets are mean little punkasses that could make a growing injury list look bloated if the Kraken don’t show up ready for a fight.
  • Get well soon, Chris Dreidger.
  • And Gio
  • And Calle Järnkrok.

The Kraken get a couple of days to themselves, and then return on Thursday night, where they take on the Winnipeg Jets at Climate Pledge Arena. That game starts at 7pm PST.

We’ll see you there.