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Kraken Game 13 GAMETHREAD: Vs. Vegas (Round 2)!

The Knights are back, can the Kraken even the season series?

NHL: Seattle Kraken at Vegas Golden Knights Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

We’re going to ignore what happened on Saturday, okay? Here’s the quick skinny on what’s been happening to the Knights since we last saw them.

Since the season opener, the Knights have been extremely inconsistent, but still a team capable of climbing back from bad games in a way that the Kraken right now can only dream of. Notably they managed to pry Jack Eichel out from the Sabres clutches, and until he’s good to go they are...shallow, as a team. At least at center.

But don’t take that for granted. There is a reason this team still has some real buzz around it and it’s because when the Knights are clicking, there are few teams in the league that can keep up. The Kraken have to play this game as well as they can if they want to come out with 2 points.

Projected Lines for Seattle and Vegas are at the hyperlinks here.

Question of the thread: You any good at poker? or is blackjack more your speed?