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Kraken Game 11 GAMETHREAD: Vs. Buffalo!

The October Sabres are over. Can the Kraken Capitalize on the Sabres absorbing their first L of the season?

NHL: New York Rangers at Buffalo Sabres Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It’s funny to think that this game is going to happen and be like...maybe the fourth most important thing that’s happened to the Buffalo Sabres today.

The Sabres are surprisingly good given how much of a complete circus they were over this offseason...

And the whole “Jack Eichel” thing.

The Jack Eichel saga has been at the forefront of the entire season for the Sabres since game one and now that it’s over, they have quite a bit of work to do in order to win back the Buffalo faithful. Are they better without him? Well, they couldn’t have been much worse, they’ve had their month of surprising success...

...but the Sabres have a reputation of starting strong and then just plunging into hell once the season kicks off. Maybe having an Olympic year might slow that particular problem’s advance, but we’ve seen this from them before.

And wouldn’t you look at the time? It’s not October anymore. Let’s see who you really are, Buffalo.

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