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Kraken Game 14 GAMETHREAD: Vs. Minnesota (Round 2)!

Once again the Squids face the Wilds!

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Seattle Kraken Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

It’s funny how life is sometimes.

The Kraken are unfortunately the mirror universe Wild at the moment, in that nearly every game they play is never boring, but it’s also never consistent. The Wild have long held the title of boring but consistent, but now they’re “semi-exciting and consistent”, which is extremely dangerous in this league. There’s nothing worse than a consistent team that doesn’t use the word to describe bad play.

Anyway, the Wild are pretty good, that Kaprizov kid once again seems to be the beating heart of their offense, if they can shut him or Ryan Hartman down? I think they have a chance here.

This of course, asks a lot about a team that prefers to be “in the thick of it” during a game rather than “comfortably and reliably ahead at most points”, so we’ll see how that shakes out.

Question of the thread! Have you ever watched Fargo? Did you enjoy it?