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Kraken Game 9 Halloween GAMETHREAD! Vs. NYR!

Time to get spooky af

San Jose Sharks v New York Rangers Photo by Scott Levy/NHLI via Getty Images

Happy Halloween to all the ghouls and goblins of King County! Today, we face one of the most terrifying of all sights and sounds that can be witnessed by mortal eyes. Steel yourselves, for this is the night we must come into contact with...

New Yorkers.

Anyhow, the Rangers after being all but written off by the entirety of hockey for bulking up this offseason thanks to the whole “Tom Wilson” thing, the Rangers casually reminded the hockey world that they’re still in possession of some truly game-changing talent in guys like Adam Fox, Artemi Panarin, K’Andre Miller, and Alexis Lafrenière.

Of course, the talent they picked up in order to bulk up ultimately didn’t really change a whole lot for the Boys in Blue (and white and red), playing some very high event hockey. Igor Sheshterkin has been a busy busy bee for Manhattan's own, often keeping them in games they have no business being in. If you can crack him, you can pretty easily crack the Rangers as well, as Calgary and Washington have found out. A team with their talent really shouldn’t be neck and neck with the Islanders, a team known for playing very unexciting hockey, in terms of expected goals %, but so it goes.

Question of the thread! Best Halloween candy. Do not defend your choice. Speak from the heart.