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Kraken Game 6 Gamethread: Vs. Vancouver!

Home game number one. Let’s go.

NHL: DEC 05 Seattle Center Arena Groundbreaking Ceremony Photo by Christopher Mast/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I can only imagine plenty of folk will be at this gamethread, and that’s always cool it’s fun to hang out and we always appreciate it. But I imagine there’s just going to be as many at Climate Pledge Arena for the first professional game in that building in years, I hope everyone who goes gets as loud as they can and man...I just hope they win for that crowd.

Meanwhile the Canucks are just the epitome of inconsistent: they’ll beat bad teams, no doubt. But with anybody who puts up like...even slightly of a fight? blowout. They got completely goalie’d by Detroit, then turned around and blasted Chicago into a fine paste (not that it’s a hard task this year). What are you, Canucks? What makes you tick?

Oh, Boeser, Hughes and Pettersson? Alright then.

Well, we’ll find out tonight how this goes in our home barn for the first time! Let’s Go!

Question of the thread: In honor of Nirvana's "Lithium" being named Seattle's goal song, what would your own personal goal song be?