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Kraken Game 5 GAMETHREAD: Vs. New Jersey!

Oh man we sure waited awhile for Kraken hockey great to finally see it back on the ice

New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

So after [GAME REDACTED], the Kraken have to lick their wounds and finish up their eastern conference road trip in Newark, home of the airport that gave me flight anxiety.

New Jersey, after years of hotshotting prospects into the big time, appears to have finally stabilized as a team. Of course, bringing the otherwise pretty bad Blackhawks to OT hardly qualifies as a quality win—but their young talent like Jack Hughes showed out big in their opener, so the Kraken have to be expecting some real speedy play ahead.

...and that’s a challenge, because this defense without Vince Dunn has some...well...let's call it "growing pains" that they're working through. Definitely just in practice, though. No games that might give the impression they need to start scouring bad teams for depth blue-liners, no sir.

Anyway, its a new day, and two points is entirely possible if these guys rally. Lets go Kraken!