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Kraken snatch Lightning center Alex Barré-Boulet off waivers

From Tampa (or more accurately, Syracuse) to Seattle with you, young man!

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Chicago Blackhawks David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Kraken have used the waiver wire to acquire Tampa Bay Lightning Center Alex Barré-Boulet, as CapFriendly was so kind to provide to the world:

A 24 year old from Quebec, Barré-Boulet has largely played in the depth of the Lightning organization for the past three years; only occasionally getting called up to the NHL in relief of an injured player or two, but like any forward in the lightning organization, he usually acquitted himself pretty well, having at least a few goals to his name for his trouble. Some of whom were honestly pretty sick!

Barré-Boulet only makes around $760k, so in the grand scheme of things his contract is a drop in the bucket for the just under 8 million in cap space they have left.

According to Justin Godfrey of Raw Charge, Barré-Boulet was a player who, had the Lightning had room for such a player, could’ve easily been a top six option. His game was ill-equipped for a bottom six role, and given how goddamn unfair stacked the Lightning are, he was almost never going to see playing time unless he had an unreal preseason, which unfortunately he didn’t.

Barré-Boulet is in all likelihood probably on his way to Charlotte to play with the Checkers, but given that there’s still a little room in the locker room for a 13th forward or two, it wouldn’t shock me if he stuck around for a little bit. Y’know, just in case.

Editor’s note: Seattle will be required to keep Barré-Boulet on the NHL squad to begin the year rather than sending him to the Charlotte Checkers. That means there is one less roster spot available for the opening night team as the Kraken pare it down to 23 players to begin the season.

Regardless of where he’s headed, let’s all welcome Alex to being part of the Seattle Kraken!